Dental Health Department, Ministry of Health

Dental Health Department

Address:39 Yirmiyahu St.
P.O.Box 1176
Jerusalem 9101002
Accessible to people with physical challenges
Hours: Sunday -Thursday
8:00am - 4:00pm
Determines policy and deals with dental care-related legislation. Advises the Institution licensing department on auditing corporations, handles professional manpower planning and training (including organizing and administering licensing examinations), setting of standards, supervises the dental professions and the dental services provided in various organizations.
The Mission
To improve the Israeli population’s dental care through:
  1.  Preventive measures such as fluorination of the water supply and dental health education.
  2. Assuring the quality of the dental care provided by initiating courses and licensing examinations.
  3. Setting of standards and professional guidelines.
  4. Professional supervision of clinics and services.
  • Internal Customers
    Since the department is responsible for an entire professional field, all of the ministry’s units are internal customers, including the health bureaus.
  • External Customers
    The country’s residents, government ministries, the union of local authorities in Israel and local authorities, health authorities worldwide, examinees of the dental medicine professions, the HMOs and hospitals, professional in the dental care establishment and trade organizations.
Special Features of the Department: 
The professional department that is responsible for all aspects of oral and dental health, which include:
  1.  Setting the professional level of the dental care professionals in Israel: curricula, supervision of institutions and licensing examinations.
  2. Setting the professional level of the dental care services in Israel: setting the operational policy, supervision of institutions.
  3. Setting the health and prevention policy, for example - fluorination of the water supply.

The Ministry of Health performs audits in order to assure and maintain an accepted level of professional standards in dental clinics. The audits are performed by dentists from the District Health Bureaus. An examination is performed using a structured form as per the professional guidelines of the Dental Health Department . The audits are performed for the purpose of:
  • Epidemiological investigation
  • Investigation of a complaint
  • Licensing
  • On a random basis
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