Environmental Health Department, Ministry of Health

Environmental Health Department

Address:39 Yirmiyahu St.
P.O.Box 1176
Jerusalem 9101002

Accessible to people with physical challenges

Hours: Meetings by appointment only

Sunday -Thursday
8:00am - 4:00pm
The department of Environmental Health deals with human health aspects (including quality of life), which are impacted by sanitary and environmental, physical, chemical, biological, social and psycho-social factors. The department assesses the sanitary and environmental factors that may constitute a potential hazard and cause health damage to the current generation and of the future generations and takes action to remedy and prevent them. 

The Department determines the Ministry’s policy concerning issues of environmental health, institutes regulations, participates in regional planning activities and engages in ongoing sanitation supervision and in the monitoring of various organizations.

Subjects for which the Department is responsible

  • Supervision of drinking water
  • Supervision of irrigation using treated waste water
  • Sewerage plan approval
  • Supervision of the wastewater treatment facilities
  • Provision of an opinion regarding construction permits for businesses and institutions
  • Sanitary supervision of bathing areas (swimming pools, Mikvehs (ritual baths), bathing beaches and rivers)
  • Sanitary supervision of health institutions
  • Sanitary supervision of education and welfare institutions
  • Supervision under the provisions of the Business Licensing Law (eateries, grocery stores, reception halls, hostels and guest houses, swimming pools, non-medical businesses dealing with the human body, and others).
  • Provision of a preliminary opinion under the provisions of the Business Licensing Law
  • Sanitary supervision of summer day camps and youth camps
  • Provision of an opinion regarding detailed national, district and local outline plans (in the framework of membership in the Planning Committee)
  • Guidance and supervision for courses on environmental health issues such as: water, sanitation, bathing areas, wastewater and treated waste water, backflow prevention devices
  • Approval for substances related to water from the toxicological perspective, in respect of substances for which there is not yet an Israeli standard
  • Assessment and approval of new methods and devices for handling water and handling wastewater