Licensing of Medicine and Health Professions, Ministry Of Health

Licensing of Medicine and Health Professions

The Ministry of Health licenses professionals working in the legally recognized medical and health professions.

The professions requiring licensing are: general medicine, dentistry, pharmacists, assistant pharmacists, optometry and orthoptics, hypnosis, clinical genetics, medical laboratory workers, speech therapy, dietitians, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dental technicians, dental hygienists, nursing and psychology.

All of the following professionals, who are interested in practicing the following medical professions, are legally required to obtain a license to practice or status recognition from the Ministry of Health: medicine, dentistry, paramedical professions and others. For most professions, the applicants are required to pass government licensing examinations. 

The information in the following pages details the processes of obtaining the license or certificate for each of the professions, examination dates, the syllabus and the relevant institutions teaching these professions.
For enquiries regarding licensing, contact the appropriate party at the Ministry of Health, depending on profession:


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