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People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities

​The health system is committed, in the spirit of The equal rights law for people with disabilities, to promote the rights of disabled persons to receive every medical service, whether health service or preventive service, including promoting health - in terms of availability, accessibility, equality, social and cultural sensitivity - all in a respectful, safe manner.




The Ministry of Health is active in enabling disabled persons to receive health services according to their needs in an egalitarian and dignified manner, while promoting the accessibility and availability of the health services.




The ministry is also serving as an accessible, inclusive player for workers with disabilities and other disabled persons requiring health services.




The right to health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being, in any society or culture. Just as the state has a fundamental obligation to promote human rights, so it has a fundamental obligation to safeguard and promote the health of its citizens.



International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 2014 - Access to Health Services

The international day of persons with disabilities, which falls on 3-Dec-2014, presents an opportunity to mention the great importance of reducing disparities in receiving health services, thus ensuring the maintenance and advancement of the health of persons with disabilities, as for all citizens of Israel. 


The videos below present various aspects of the accessibility of services in the health system: in hospitals and in the community.




Examples are marked parking spaces, accessibility of paths, hospital and clinic entrances, toilets for the disabled for the overall population, and more; in the field of making service accessible - signs, audiovisual public announcement systems, orientation maps in understandable language, staff instruction and training, and more.

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