Measles Alert Aboard El Al Flight 002 From NYC to Israel, Ministry of Health
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Measles Alert Aboard El Al Flight 002 From NYC to Israel

Infectious disease; Vaccination; Public health
Publish Date:
03/04/2019 16:55

There was a measles patient aboard EL AL flight 002 that departed from Kennedy Airport, New York City on March 26 2019 and arrived in Israel on March 27 2019.

Passengers and flight crew: if any of you develop a fever, you need to notify your medical doctor of exposure to a measles patient.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes that even if you only suspect you developed symptoms of illness and you were aboard this specific flight, you need to immediately contact your general practitioner - preferably call your GP over the phone, and you need to minimize staying in public spaces (e.g. schools, buses, shopping malls, etc.).
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