Extending the Vaccination Campaign for the Prevention of Measles, Ministry of Health
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Extending the Vaccination Campaign for the Prevention of Measles

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Publish Date:
04/11/2018 18:00

Following the measles outbreak in Jerusalem, the Ministry of Health brings the general public up to date: the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Moshe Bar-Siman-Tov, has held multiple consultation meetings over the weekend with different experts in the matter of the measles outbreak  in order to consolidate further intensive measures to contain the local outbreak in Jerusalem and to have more people vaccinated. 


Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Ya'acov Litzman, is regularly updated on the measles situation; he said he supported promoting legislation which would provide the Ministry with additional measures to guarantee maximal vaccination coverage. Furthermore, Litzman said the Ministry was allocating all financial resources to stop the disease from spreading.


The Ministry of Health has decided on the following major measures:

  1. To extend the vaccination campaign for the prevention of measles in Jerusalem which includes keeping Tipat Halav (family care centers) open in the evenings as well.
    The campaign is coordinated with the HMOs and municipal bodies. So far, the percentage of vaccination in non-vaccinated "pockets" has risen from 55 percent to more than 80 percent.
  2. "Natali" mobile unit designated for the vaccination of communities. The mobile units patrols the target neighborhoods in order to vaccinate on site.
  3. Coordinating with relevant elements within the communities with relatively low vaccination coverage rates.
  4. Hiring new nurses and adding new nurse positions in the Jerusalem district and helping nurses with additional manpower and male/female healthcare students.
  5. Restricting unvaccinated visitors' from entering sensitive departments in hospitals. Examples for such departments: the ward for premature babies, intensive care, oncology and hemato-oncology.
  6. Considering the issue of restricting entry to schools to non-vaccinated individuals who could put the public at risk.
  7. Consulting with professionals with regard to vaccinate against measles as early as 9 months of age.

The Ministry of Health will keep on regularly sending updates about all meetings held on the matter.


As of Sunday, November 4th 2018, there are 1,334 measles patients in Israel.

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