Application for a permit to hold and use cannabis, Ministry of Health

Application for a permit to hold and use cannabis

Service Description


The Medical Cannabis Unit is the authorized unit in the Ministry of Health to examine applications and issue permits to hold, use and research dangerous drug under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance.
The Medical Cannabis Unit examine medical recommendations to use cannabis for medical purposes, in in accordance with the established procedures.

This page details the process for the patient in order to obtain medical cannabis license. The recommending specialist should review the cannabis permits procedure (Procedure 106) and follow its instructions.

* To apply for a usage permit for cannabis research or for research that includes contact with cannabis, please follow the instructions on the Ministry of Health’s site

The process for the patient in order to obtain medical cannabis permit includes the following steps:
  1. Submission of  a specialist’s recommendation for permit
  2. The Medical Cannabis Unit is receiving the recommendation
  3. Examination of the recommendation based on the relevant criteria and indications
  4. Decision to approve or reject the application
  5. Issuance of a permit

Submitting the application and receiving service

1. Submitting the application

Applications for a Medical Cannabis Permit or applications to change existing permits (changes in dose, completions of medical records, etc.) must be submitted by a specialist physician, who specialized in the area from which the patient suffers. Applications from family physicians will not be approved.

Steps in submitting the application
  1. The specialist will complete the online application form according to the guidelines. Please note that the form may be completed only in Internet Explorer version 10 or higher or Chrome browser. Your physician will send the application online to the Unit, in accordance with the instructions, and then print out the form.
    For technical assistance with the form, please contact the E-Government Forms Service Center: 1-800-200-560.
  2. It is recommended to specify the patient’s cell phone number and to confirm text messages (SMS), in order that the patient will receive text messages about the application’s status.2.
  3. The specialist will have the patient sign on the printed form, and will sign and stamp it in the space provided.
  4. The specialist will submit the form to the Medical Cannabis Unit according to the details listed below, together with the documents required by cannabis permits procedure (Procedure 106) and other relevant documents, as described below. The application will be handled only after all required materials is received by the Unit.

Details for application submission:
  • Fax: 02-6474810
    Applications for cannabis use and for any change in the permit should be sent to this number only.
  • Mail: Ministry of Health, Medical Cannabis Unit, 39 Yermiyahu Street, PO Box 1176 Jerusalem, zip code 9101002
  • Email:

For additional information:
  • Call center for inquiries: 08-6268000.

2. Medical Cannabis Unit receives the recommendation / application

Upon receipt of the application, if the patient’s cell phone was specified in the form, the patient will receive a text message (SMS) as a confirmation of receiving the application.

3. Examination of the recommendation and application for permit

Upon receipt of the application in the system, the documents are transferred for review and examination by a senior doctor in the Medical Cannabis Unit, who is a certified "Director" under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, and has the authority to allow the use of cannabis for medical use. The Director examines the application in accordance with the medical information submitted and the medical indications recognized in the cannabis permits procedure (Procedure 106).
Application submitted without all the necessary information as described in this procedure, will not be considered until all the required information is received - no later than 3 months after submitting the initial application.

4. Decision to approve or reject the application

Decision regarding the application as well as any interim decision and correspondence will be delivered to the treating physician with a copy to the patient, in accordance with the details provided in the application.
Appealing the Director's decision to the Appeal Committee
After the Director finished examining the application, the patient or the attending physician may submit a written appeal against the decision given, to the Appeal Committee.
The Appeals Committee may be contacted by completing an Application to Appeal Director’s Decision.

The Appeals Committee meets on an ad hoc basis upon receiving a number of files for its consideration. In any case, even if not received enough files, the Appeals Committee meets at least once a quarter.
Full detailed about the appeal, its submission and examination are included in the cannabis permits procedure (Procedure 106).

5. Issuance of a Medical Cannabis Permit

Upon receiving the Director’s approval to issue a Medical Cannabis Permit for the patient, the permit will be issued and transferred to the supplier.
The supplier will contact the patient to coordinate instructions and supply.

Service Details

Required Documents

A new application for a Medical Cannabis Permit or Permit renewal

  1. Online Form - Application for a Medical Cannabis Permit – to be completed by a specialist. Please note that the form may be completed using Internet Explorer version 10 or higher or Chrome browser only.
  2. A full and recent medical information summary from the family doctor.
  3. Annual medicine report, provided by pharmacy or hospital.
  4. A clinic follow up sheet, if any.
  5. In the field of psychiatry: cannabis recommendation may be made by the psychiatrist specialist treating the patient. Please complete the Appendix to the Application for a supportive treatment with cannabis to PTSD patients, and enclose with the recommendation.
  6. Any additional medical information, which the specialist thinks may assist in the decision or is indicative of extracting other conventional treatment options.

Application to change the dose

In addition to the documents mentioned above, please attach the following documents:
  1. The protocol of the instructions received from the supplier. 
  2. Consumption table.
Important emphasizes
  • The application should be submitted by a specialist for the illness for which the cannabis is recommended, who will recommends to approve of cannabis use for the medicinal purposes stated in the application.
  • The application must include all required information in accordance with the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, as well as mailing address, if different from the applicant’s residence address.
  • In cases of application to change permit details such as changing supplier, change of address or change in method of consumption, send the application along with the original permit, through the supplier.
  • If the patient wishes to add cannabis transporter (from the dispensing location to the place of use as indicated in the application), they must attach a copy of the transporter’s identity card, in addition to the original permit.

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